Here we go.

Okay, let’s get this started, shall we?

My name is Laura. I’ve been a life long fan of body modification, in all its forms. In recent years, body modification has become more and more popular, which is nice because I get to see more of what I love around. But because it’s becoming more and more popular, people are doing it for the trendy aspect, and are doing it incorrectly. Getting bad piercings, going to friend’s basements for tattoos, piercing themselves with pins, stretching their ears with tampon applicators. It frustrates me that people want to do this so bad, yet have no respect for the art form, or even their own bodies, to the point that they become disfigured, infected, or even die from it.

So, in an effort to correct these wrongs, here’s my blog, dedicated to my life, my love of body modification, and the world around me.


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