So, what makes you so special?

I know I’m going to get this a lot, so let me start off right now by saying:


Nor have I ever, or will ever, claim to be one. There, it’s out there. I am no body piercing professional, I am no tattoo professional, I am no medical professional. Anything that is said or shown on this blog will be from my own personal experience, the experience of others, my personal research and my years of study on the subject. And sometimes, just flat out common sense.

So, why should you listen to me, then, if I’m no professional? What makes me qualified to say all the things I do and spout them as truth and the right way? Well, I have been getting modified for at least 10 years now, maybe longer. I have been studying the art since at least that long ago, and continue to do so to this day. I talk with professionals at every chance I get, and passion is a great motivator to encourage me to keep learning.

Why aren’t I a professional, then, if I claim to know so much? Honestly, I just don’t really want to be one. It’s not a very stable income, it’s usually long hours with not much to do, customer flow depends a lot on location, word of mouth, even the weather, I have absolutely zero artistic talent whatsoever, and I really don’t have the ovarian fortitude to pierce someone. And like the old saying goes “Those who can’t, teach.” So, I’ll try teaching.

What motivated me to start this blog? Mostly I am just sick and tired of incorrect information, harmful information, and old wives tales still being told as if they were facts. Piercing your tongue WILL NOT paralyze your face. You CANNOT sterilize a needle with flame, boiling water, or alcohol. Tattooing your breast will NOT make you unable to breastfeed. Saying “I gauge my ears” or “I wear gauges” is NOT a slang term, it is not a regional term, it’s just flat out wrong. The internet is a vast place, but most of the information out there on this subject is wrong.

Because of how trendy and popular body modification has become, many people who are not qualified to hand out information are doing it anyway. Or they’re listening to their idiot friends, ignoring the professional advice they ARE given, or are just being modified to fit in. They don’t care enough about the art form, the history of modification, or potentially, their very LIVES, to want to take care of their piercings properly, to stretch their ears properly, to bother researching a good tattoo artist, and because of that, we are where we are now. These old wives tales are around for a reason, because all the media shows is the negative, and they project it in a very negative, condescending, uneducated and disrespectful way. So when someone sees that a kid got his lip pierced then died of a horrible infection, they blame the piercer or the piercing itself, not realizing that infection is 99% the wearer’s error, NOT the body modification expert’s fault.

So, here I will do my best to educate and inform. I will provide links, reading material and resources for you to fall back on and bookmark or print for your own use. All of this information is based, again, on my personal experience, the experience of others who have come before, the experience and advice of true professionals, and sometimes, on just plain, good old fashioned common sense. Which isn’t nearly as common as it’s name suggests.


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