Shop ’till you drop.

Now, here’s a post everyone will love. Where to go SHOPPING!

There are dozens of jewelry websites on the internet, so it will be impossible for me to list them all. I will, however list sites that I’ve ordered from, and people I know have ordered from, so you can get some reviews on them. My favorite jewelry website of all. I cannot tell you how much I absolutely ADORE this website! Most of my current earring collection has come from this website. Their selection is incredible, their quality is impeccable, their shipping is wicked fast, their prices are reasonable and sometimes slightly cheaper than most other places. I have only ever heard of one person ever having problems with BAF, and that was with a product, not their customer service. I’m not entirely sure how good their international shipping may be, but I’ve heard from others that it’s pretty awesome. They’re based out of Texas, and when I was in Seattle, it took four days from order to delivery, even with the basic, cheapest, slowest shipping method. Another great website. I’ve only ordered a few things from them, but what I have ordered has been great. The only unfortunate thing is that everything I’ve ordered has been externally threaded, which is bad for new or healing piercings. Otherwise, they’re great. Shipping was quick, prices are cheap, and selection is pretty awesome. A website I personally haven’t ordered from, but I know many people who have, and they’ve loved it. They also have lots of other things besides body jewelry, like belt buckles, cell phone charms, lots of neat stuff. I have not ordered anything from this site, but I would love to. They specialize in wood products, mostly plugs and tunnels in various types of woods and even shapes. They also do custom orders. Their prices seem reasonable, and their products are certainly beautiful. As a lover of organic material jewelry, I would love for someone to order from this site and let me know what their experience was like and what the products were like. Another specialty website, this time in types of stone. They mostly cater to larger sizes of stretched piercings, the smallest I found ready-made was about 1/2 inch. Their prices are pretty up there, but they’re hand carved and many are one of a kind or limited numbers, and you VERY much get what you pay for with this sort of jewelry. Surprisingly enough, this website carries MANY great options for body jewelry, mostly stretched piercing jewelry that I’ve found so far. It will be impossible to list them all, but here are some Etsy stores in particular that I found lovely: This one is a UK based website, but I have heard good reviews for it. Fairly cheap, good selection, good shipping rates and speed, the standard. They also have some neat, not body jewelry products as well. Again, haven’t ordered from here, but heard good things. Have a lot of basics for fairly reasonable prices, as well as some other cool stuff. I really want one of their CBR finger rings, way cool. Steel Navel has also gotten good reviews. Good selection, competitive prices, they even sell aftercare products like H2Ocean and Tattoo Goo. Tawapa makes some of the most beautiful organic jewelry I have ever seen. They are by far my favorite organic brand. I own several pairs of earrings from this brand, and hope to own many many more. and Industrial Strength, and Anatometal, respectfully, are probably the best brands of metal body jewelry on the market today. They’re expensive, but you get what you pay for and as always, good jewelry isn’t cheap and cheap jewelry isn’t good. Unfortunately, according to their websites, you cannot directly purchase from Industrial Strength or Anatometal, but they do tell you what stores in your state or country sell their products. And many other websites, including Body Art Forms, carry their products as well.

Of course, professional body piercing shops usually have some kind of body jewelry selection. What they have depends on location, costs, how much space they have to sell, etc. Many can and will order in special requests you may have as well, mostly for just basics like simple barbells and rings. If you want super pretty things, shopping online or in another shop with a better selection is your best bet.

One website that many, many people suggest is I, personally, don’t like this website for several reasons. They sell inappropriate jewelry materials and styles as stretching tools, namely claw, crescent and talon shapes as tapers, and these are not safe to stretch with. They encourage the use of tapers way beyond the safe sizes (beyond 2ga-0ga is unsafe to use tapers with) by selling stretching kits up to one inch, sometimes even beyond, and in acrylic. Some stretching kits even include horseshoe barbells which, again, are not appropriate jewelry to be worn in newly stretched piercings. Most of their barbells are externally threaded which is bad for newly pierced or still healing piercings. They sell good brands, like KAOS softwear and Gorilla glass, but beyond that, I’m not a huge fan. I also hear their shipping times are really slow, and their customer service isn’t very helpful. Their prices seem about right, on average as well.

Be aware of what currency the jewelry is being sold in. Most UK websites, for example, sell either in British pounds or Euros. If you use Paypal to order, the conversion is done automatically on the confirmation page, as far as I’m aware, so you know exactly how much is being deducted from your account. If you use your debit or credit card directly, if you don’t do the conversion rates properly, you could end up being charged more than you’d like. So pay very close attention to what currency the website is using. I’ve also seen some that have a currency converter on the website, so use that if there is one.

Pay attention to pricing. If the prices are too good to be true, they probably are. If you find a site that’s selling titanium plugs and tunnels, which can average anywhere between $75 to over $200 a pair depending on size, for a measly $20, beware. That’s not a reasonable price for that large of a size and that quality of material, so where are they cutting corners? Have they stolen another websites image and are actually selling a much lower quality item? Is it not actually titanium, but a much crappier metal that they’re trying to pass off as titanium? These are things you need to be aware of. Shop around, try to find an average price, and be willing to spend good money on good jewelry. Cheap is never good, and good is never cheap. You get what you pay for.

One thing that really gets to me, as a grammar Nazi, is when jewelry websites use bad grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc. throughout their website. Remember that this place is a business, and a website business depends on its visual appeal. If you shop a website and things are spelled wrong, you can tell that English is obviously not their first language, their sentences or answers to questions are lazy and not very thorough, beware of that, too. If they’re going to slack on something as easy as typing out information, or they can’t express a simple thought or bit of information through words, what else are they going to be lazy with?

Read everything the website offers for information. Read their About Us sections, their shipping information, their FAQ section, everything. The more you can figure out about a website, the better. And by reading their shipping information, you know when to expect your item and when to contact them if you don’t receive it.

Know what different materials are. You’ll find many different names for the same basic material so it’s important to know what each one is. The best example of this is plastic. Plastic comes under many names, including acrylic, dental acrylic, PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), Bipolast, Lucite, and a new one I just learned of is Delrin. It’s a type of plastic. Most websites should list what the material is, so make sure you pay attention to that as well. If you don’t recognize a material, look it up!

Don’t trust Ebay or Amazon to sell you good body jewelry. Sure, it’s cheap and easy, but remember what they say about things that are cheap and easy? Try to order only from places that specialize in body jewelry, you’re more likely to get better quality, which is the important part. Also, with Ebay, how do you know the person selling the jewelry hasn’t already worn it? Gross.

Also avoid mall stores that sell body jewelry, like Hot Topic, Spencer’s, Claire’s, Arene’s, Piercing Pagoda, various kiosks, basically anything in the mall. Most of these things are going to be low grade materials, externally threaded, with gems that are glued in instead of bezel or prong set; this means that the gems are more likely to fall out, to discolor, or oxidize.


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    Excellent goods from you, man. I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you are just extremely wonderful. I actually like what you’ve acquired here, certainly like what you are stating and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still take care of to keep it sensible. I can not wait to read much more from you. This is really a tremendous site.


  2. Steel and Bone, Horn and Stone
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    Yes, everything here is done with readily available skins and functions on WordPress. I’m not nearly good enough to design anything myself.


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    Nov 02, 2011 @ 09:32:20

    Very nice post and right to the point. I am not sure if this is truly the best place to ask but do you guys have any thoughts on where to hire some professional writers? Thx 🙂


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