Body Modifications, and Your General Health

We all know that body modifications are invasive procedures. Piercings are puncture wounds, tattoos are very traumatic to the skin and result in thousands of tiny puncture wounds over a large expanse of skin. Scarification removes large chunks of skin and leaves open wounds behind. Your body needs to be in peak condition in order to handle these procedures.

This doesn’t mean you should be full of ripped muscle or anything, but you should be healthy. If you have a cold or flu, recover fully first before you go in for your procedure. You want all of your body’s healing energy to be focused on the modification you just received. Colds and flu’s usually clear up in a week or so anyway, so it won’t be too long before you can get modified. But what about long lasting illnesses or conditions?

ALWAYS get a doctor’s approval before getting modified if you have a long lasting or chronic condition that may affect your immune system or make you more prone to infection. If needed, get a written statement from the doctor that says it’s safe for you to get modified with your condition. Most consent forms shops make you sign before getting modified ask if you have lasting conditions, but sometimes, a statement is necessary depending on your condition. And even so, better to be over-prepared with too much paperwork than be short something and not be able to get modified, right?

Also, get modified sparingly. You want to give your body plenty of time to heal the modification, so the longer you can go between getting new mods, the better. Only get one piercing at a time, or one pair, like nipples or ears. The more piercings you get at a time, the more your body has to split its healing attention in multiple directions. If you only get one or two, it can concentrate on just those. And by getting a new modification while one is still healing will also split the healing attention, making healing take longer and make it more difficult. So get pierced or tattooed, wait at least the minimum healing time, add a few extra weeks or months, then get another one.

Ultimately, it’s up to you and your doctor to decide if you’re really healthy enough to get modified. I am no medical professional, so I can’t say what conditions are safe to get modified with and which ones are not. Listen to your body, listen to your medical professionals, and listen to the modification professionals. Your overall health is more important than getting modified any day, but if you are able to get modified, just do it wisely. It’s not worth getting sicker or aggravating any conditions just to have a tattoo, or a shiny piece of metal in your body.